Direct Numerical Simulation of Locally Coupled Interface Processes at Dynamic Contact Lines


In B02, the influence of surfactants and mass transfer on contact line dynamics will be investigated in detail. Discretization methods and adsorption models in OpenFOAM are to be combined and verified with the already developed ALE implementation. Decisive for the validation are measurements of fluid indices from A02 for dissipation rates as well as velocity fields at the contact line from A06. The meniscus motion to be measured in A05 completes the configuration capillary rise. Furthermore, the ALE implementation is to be extended to account for mass transfer with local volume effects. This allows e.g. for parameter studies of the cavitation to be investigated experimentally in C06N.


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From the continuum mechanical description to the Washburn model.
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Wetting phenomena with ALE interface tracking.
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Wetting with an ALE interface tracking method.
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Moving contact line treatment using a finite volume ALE interface-tracking method.
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Towards Wetting Processes with Interface Tracking.
In: NUMAP-FOAM School 2017, Zagreb, August 21 - September 1, 2017, [Conference or Workshop Item]

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Wetting processes with ALE interface tracking.
In: 12th OpenFOAM Workshop, Exeter, 24.-27.07.2017, [Conference or Workshop Item]

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