High Resolution NMR for Investigating Fluid Behavior on Solid Surfaces

In this project the possibilities of measuring local concentration gradients near a contact line will be explored. Such a capability would greatly enhance understanding between mass transport and wetting. Conventional methods of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) will be extended using an in-house 1D micro imaging system with static field gradients and a commercial 3D micro imaging system with pulsed field gradients.

Concept of the project: Measurement of the nmr signal as a function of (z)-position

A spatial resolution of ~1µm is expected. First investigations will be restricted to quasi-stationary processes. One challenge is to minimize the restrictions in terms of time resolution.


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Prof. Dr. Christina Thiele
Prof. Dr. Christina Thiele
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Michael Vogel
Prof. Dr. Michael Vogel
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Jonas Kind
Jonas Kind, M.Sc.
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Dr. Benjamin Kresse
Dr. Benjamin Kresse
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