Contact line dynamics and diffusion-driven nucleation during cavitation


Starting with the second funding period, the new subproject C06 deals with cavitation. Cavitation is highly relevant in hydraulic machines as it can lead to wear, noise and loss of function. The formation and dynamics of a cavitation bubble depend on both the diffusion of inert gases from the supersaturated liquid and the evaporation. These mass transport and phase change processes are strongly influenced by the wetting properties and vice versa. In a test bench, nucleation and cavitation are recorded with high resolution including the contact line region. Analytical models are derived and validation and comparison data are made available to other subprojects.


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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter F. Pelz
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Benedict Depp M.Sc.
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Seyedmajid Mehrnia M.Sc.
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Grigorios Hatzissawidis M.Sc.
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