Modelling and VOF based Simulation of the Multiphysics of Irreversible Thermodynamic Transfer Processes at Dynamic Contact Lines

Coupled transport and transfer processes at interfaces and, in particular, in proximity to contact lines of multi-component fluids are addressed. Simplified scale-reduced sharp interface models will be derived parallel to the extension of existing models based on empirical correlations. The resulting models for heat and mass transfer at dynamic contact lines will be realized using the Volume-of-Fluid (VOF) method. The validation will be based on experimental data from the generic configurations. Initially the VOF-solver FS3D will be used, but the approaches will be gradually transferred to the VOF-code voFOAM.

Squalane droplet attached to a wall under the influence of ∇T=10K/mm for equilibrium angles of 70°,90°and 110°. Image taken from: Fath, A.; Bothe, D.: Direct numerical simulations of thermocapillary migration of a droplet attached to a solid wall (2015), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijmultiphaseflow.2015.08.018


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