Wetting and Transport on Swellable, Immobilized Polymer Brushes and Polymer Networks

This project addresses wetting, pinning and transport phenomena of complex fluids on surfaces which are capable of swelling, with the long-term goal of exploiting these properties for microfluidic applications. To achieve the desired surfaces, polymer brushes and networks with immobilized molecules will be manufactured and used to analyze the wetting behavior of liquid droplets. Various water solutions of different pH values, ionic fluids and organic fluids will be investigated. The surfaces will also be used in the generic configuration Sessile Drop.

Surfaces which are apable of welling will be manufactured and used to analyze the interaction between their wetting behavior and mass transfer. Aim: Future microfluidic applications


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Prof. Dr. Martin Biesalski
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Markus Biesalski
+49 6151 16-23721
L2|04 E303
Beatrice Fickel
Beatrice Fickel, M.Sc.
+49 6151 16-23724
L2|04 E301