Flow and Evaporation of Pure Liquids and (Nano)-Suspensions from Structured Coatings


The generic configuration Sessile Drop is used to study the dynamic wetting and imbibition of partially wetting drops of pure liquid or suspensions on structured surfaces. For the case of heated surfaces and drop evaporation, infrared thermography will be used for temperature measurement.

Flow and Evaporation of a liquid on a porous coating and imbibition

Confocal microscopy will be used to measure the flow velocity in the drop, the deposition of particles from the suspension and the contact angle.


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Apl. Prof. Dr. Tatiana Gambaryan-Roisman
+49 6151 16-22264
L2|06 201
Michael Heinz M.Sc.
Wetting of porous coatings
+49 6151 16-22269
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