Research Area C
New and Improved Applications

Research Area C: New and Improved Applications

Research Area C comprises several exemplary application-oriented experiments. Their combination ensures that on the one hand several technology areas such as thermal engineering, microfluidics and process engineering are addressed (Aim 5 ). On the other hand, each experiment focuses on one or more of the three transport quantities – momentum, heat and mass.

In Research Area C the performance and process limits of selected applications will be studied in detail, using various fluids, surfaces and process parameters. The approach taken will be more empirical than that of Research Area A or B , since the full necessary resolution cannot always be achieved. Nevertheless, it is expected that questions will be raised through these experiments which can then be studied in more detail in the generic experiments of Research Area A or with the models and numerical simulations of Research Area B.

Hence, the overall understanding of the processes and mechanisms will be extended (Aim 1 ). Similarly, Research Areas A and B are expected to deliver physics-based suggestions for improving and/or optimization of the specific applications, in the sense of extended process limits or improved performance (Aim 4 ).


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