Wetting dynamics

Conference on wetting, interfacial phenomena, mass and heat transfer, multiphase flows


A conference on wetting dynamics will be held in Bonn, Germany from September 28 – 30, 2020. The event is organized by researchers from the ITN LubiSS, the DFG priority programme SPP 2171 and the CRC 1194.

„Wetting dynamics“ aims at bringing together experts and young researchers from the fields of wetting and interfacial phenomena, mass and heat transfer, and multiphase flows to discuss the latest advancements, challenges and new perspectives. In particular, the wetting dynamics of lubricated, adaptive, flexible, switchable or responsive surfaces will be discussed.

Many surfaces adapt to the presence of a drop and reversibly or irreversibly change their properties. On lubricated or soft surfaces, drops deform the surface, which results in the formation of a wetting ridge. The deformation or adaption of the surface influences the viscous dissipation in the drop and the substrate – and hence drop motion. Wetting and dewetting processes can also go hand in hand with heat and mass transport, e.g. in condensation, evaporation or boiling. We will discuss the underlying mechanisms of the interaction between wetting dynamics, heat and mass transfer.

New advanced experimental and numerical techniques enable detailed investigations and control of the wetting dynamics of complex liquids. Based on this cutting-edge knowledge, the participants will explore and discuss new directions in the field.

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