News & Events

News & Events

  • 25.01.2019

    Forced wetting under the influence of controlled body forces

    Guest talk by Thodoris D. Karapantsios (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

    On 25 January 2019, Thodoris D. Karapantsios will hold a talk entitled „Forced wetting under the influence of controlled body forces“. The talk focuses on a new device which allows simultaneous rotation and tilting of the droplet substrate while following the droplet shape evolution with three cameras.Thodoris heads the Multiphase Dynamics Group at the Artistotle University of Thessaloniki.

  • 08.02.2019

    Instability of advancing contact lines and liquid film breakup in rivulets

    Numerical approach with OpenFoam integral film model and VOF

    On 8 February 2019 Anne Gosset (University of A Coruña) will hold a guest talk on the modeling of dewetting phenomena in liquid films subject to body or shear forces, resulting in a fingering of the contact line and subsequent formation of rivulets. These rivulets can affect the performance of systems such as anti-icing of aircraft.

Bisherige Gastvorträge und Gäste

Titel Datum
Modelling nanoscale effects in drop impact and spreading
James Sprittles
University of Warwick
7.12. 2018
The long and winding path to statistical models for large ensembles of sliding drops
Uwe Thiele
WWU Münster
16.11. 2018
Lab visit A01b & C02
Kazuya Tatsumi
Kyoto University
14.11. 2018
Enhancement of CHF limits in high-pressure subcooled flow boiling
Matteo Bucci
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
24.08. 2018
Growing drops on an inclined plate: Onset of sliding
Simeon Völkel and Kai Huang, Universität Bayreuth
29.06. 2018
Functional colloidal mesostructures: From optics to thermal transport
Markus Retsch, Universität Bayreuth
08.06. 2018
Redefining Boiling Phenomena – New understanding of the heat transfer mechanisms during pool and flow boiling
Satish G. Kandlikar, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
08.06. 2018
Strömungssimulation in zeitlich veränderlichen Lösungsgebieten
Milovan Perić
04.06. 2018
Using magnetic resonance imaging to understand the interplay between structure, composition and rheology in complex fluids
Melanie M. Britton, University of Birmingham
18.05. 2018
Bringing coating and printing science alive with apps
Steven Abbott
Steven Abbott TCNF Ltd
20.04. 2018
Towards a Rigorous Analysis of Basic Contact Line Models
Matthias Köhne
HHU Düsseldorf, Chair of Applied Analysis
13.03. 2018
Singularities at soft elastic interfaces
Jacco Snoeijer
University of Twente, Physic of Fluids group
05.03. 2018
Code BLUE: A front-tracking/immersed boundary approach to complex multiphase flows
Damir Juric

Mathematics of curved liquid jets and how not to do it
Yulii D. Shikhmurzaev
University of Birmingham
23.01. 2018
Wetting fronts in porous media: Modelling results and emerging issues
Yulii D. Shikhmurzaev
University of Birmingham
22.01. 2018
When surfaces matter: using nano-scaled surface features to control macro-scale transport
Gary Rosengarten
RMIT University
12.12. 2017
Nanofluids for Boiling Heat Transfer Applications:
from a Hopeless Task to New Research Opportunities

Simone Mancin
University of Padua
23.10. 2017
Wetting of disordered materials
Stephan Herminghaus
MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization
12.06. 2017
Electrically modulated manipulation of droplets:
some perspectives and beyond

Suman Chakraborty
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
07.06. 2017
„Finite element methods for a class of continuum models
for immiscible flows with moving contact lines“

Arnold Reusken
RWTH Aachen
15.05. 2017
„Space-time transformations
and the principle of material objectivity“

Lecture series by Wolfgang Dreyer
Weierstrass Institute, Berlin
04.-05.05. 2017
„Transport on liquid surfaces by Marangoni flows“
Stephen Garoff
Carnegie Mellon University
28.04. 2017
Liquid film dynamics in pulsating heat pipes
Laura Fourgeaud
CEA Grenoble, Laboratoire Basses Températures
7.10. 2016