Mercator Fellow

Mercator Fellow Prof. Hrvoje Jasak (University of Zagreb)

Within the CRC 1194 great importance is attached to the the C++ library OpenFOAM, because it considerably supports the cooperation during model development and simulation at different levels of detail.

OpenFOAM has been selected as a common, central developmental platform to implement new modelling approaches and simulation methodologies within the CRC.

In coordination with TP Z-INF our Mercator Fellow Prof. Dr. Hrvoje Jasak (a principal developer of OpenFOAM) supports the CRC in the following areas:

  • Advice for all relevant projects in particular areas such as
    • dynamic adaptive and moving unstructured meshes
    • solution strategies for complex and coupled continuum problems
    • efficient implementation of algorithms in the OpenFOAM environment
  • Support of TP B06in extending the DG Discontinous Galerkin Method.
  • Support of TP B04, inter alia, in developing a demonstrator of optimization problems for wetting phenomena based on DAKOTA with an OpenFOAM interface
  • Support of researchers in B01 and B02 whose Direct Numerical Simulations require an extremely high spatial resolution both near the contact line (hydrodynamics of wetting) and at the fluid boundary (mass transport).