OpenFOAM workshop with Gregor Cvijetić (University of Zagreb)

2019/06/03 00:00-2019/06/07 00:00

OpenFOAM workshop with Gregor Cvijetić (University of Zagreb)

Introduction to DG-FOAM toolbox and practical exercises

Update: Gregor Cvijetić will hold an OpenFOAM workshop in September 2019. Date and further details to be announced. The workshop will include basic introductions to C++, foam-extend and DG. Special focus will be on the DG-FOAM toolbox.

OpenFOAM workshop with Gregor Cvijetić (University of Zagreb)
September, 2019, Institute for Fluid Dynamics

Main topics:

  • Basic introduction to C++, foam-extend and DG (lecture and exercise)
  • Introduction to the DG-FOAM toolbox
  • Practical Exercises (personal Notebook required)

Gregor Cvijetić is research assistant at Hrvoje Jasak’s CFD@FSB foam-extend team at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb. Gregor is currently cooperating with the CRC 1194 and is responsible for implementing Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) in OpenFOAM. His CFD interests are Harmonic Balance method, turbomachinery simulations, compressible flow.

Regarding the practical exercises, a personal laptop is required. It should run on Linux and the participant should optimally have compiled and tested the foam-extend software.

Contact and registration:

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please write an E-Mail to Florian Kummer.

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