• 16.11.2018

    The long and winding path to statistical models for large ensembles of sliding drops

    Guest talk by Uwe Thiele (WWU Münster)

    On 16 November 2018 Uwe Thiele (WWU Münster) will hold a guest lecture entitled „The long and winding path to statistical models for large ensembles of sliding drops“. Uwe Thiele heads the group „Selforganisation and Complexity“ at the Institute of Theoretical Physics.

  • 13.06.2018

    Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory of Non-Newtonian Fluids

    Guest talk by Wolfgang Dreyer (Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics)

    On June 13, 2018, Prof Wolfgang Dreyer (Weierstrass Institute, Berlin) will give a guest talk entitled “Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory of Non-Newtonian Fluids”.

    June 13, 2018


    L2|06 Room 100

  • 04.06.2018

    Strömungssimulation in zeitlich veränderlichen Lösungsgebieten

    Gastvortrag von Milovan Perić, 04.06. 2018, 14:00 Uhr

    Am 04. Juni 2018 um 14:00 Uhr stellt Milovan Perić in einem Gastvortrag einige Ansätze zur Berechnung von Strömungen in zeitlich veränderlichen Lösungsgebieten vor.

  • 29.06.2018

    Growing drops on an inclined plate: Onset of sliding

    Guest talk by Simeon Völkel and Kai Huang (University of Bayreuth)

    The PhD colloquium on June 29, 2018 will begin with a guest talk by Simeon Völkel and Kai Huang (University of Bayreuth) who will present their experiment on depinning processes of drops on an inclined plate. The subsequent CRC talk „Merging drops with unstable wetting films“ will be held by Peyman Rostami (project A02).

  • 18.05.2018

    Using MRI to understand the interplay between structure, composition and rheology in complex fluids

    Guest talk by Melanie M. Britton (School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham)

    Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is widely used by chemists to acquire information on the structure, interactions and dynamics of molecules. When the NMR signal is acquired in the presence of magnetic field gradients, the variety of chemical and physical information available by NMR becomes spatially-dependent, resulting in images which map and quantify chemical composition, physical environment and molecular motion.

  • 05.03.2018

    Singularities at soft elastic interfaces

    Guest talk by Prof. Jacco Snoeijer (University of Twente)

    Soft elastic interfaces exhibit intriguing similarities to liquid interfaces: they possess a surface tension and are susceptible to interfacial instabilities. The first part of this talk addresses wetting on such very soft substrates. It is shown that „soft wetting“ fundamentally differs from the usual wetting on rigid surfaces. In the second part we discuss the formation of cusps and creases at elastic interfaces — and point out striking similarities with viscous cusps at liquid interfaces.

  • 20.04.2018

    Bringing coating and printing science alive with apps

    Guest talk by Prof Steven Abbott

    For those who need scientific solutions to their printing, coating or wetting problems help can be just an app away, with live demos covering, (de)wetting, (forced) drop spreading, dynamic surface tension, levelling, inkjet, evaporation and more. In his talk Prof Abbott will show that a large collection of free, easy-to-use apps covering many aspects of coating/printing makes it possible for the science to be used by everyone.

  • 13.03.2018

    Towards a Rigorous Analysis of Basic Contact Line Models

    Talk by Dr. Matthias Köhne (HHU Düsseldorf, Applied Analysis)

    The aim of this talk is to discuss basic models for contact line dynamics and, in particular, their principal linearizations and similar parabolic and Stokes type equations in prototype domains. We discuss the solvability of these prototype problems and, in particular, the existence of smooth solutions as far as this is actually known.

  • 08.06.2018

    Redefining Boiling Phenomena – New understanding of the heat transfer mechanisms during pool and flow boiling

    Prof. Satish G. Kandlikar (RIT)

    Talk by Satish G. Kandlikar (Rochester Institute of Technology, NY)

    Prof. Satish Kandlikar will give a talk on recently identified mechanisms which have beeen exploited to provide a new level of boiling heat transfer enhancement. Prof. Kandlikar's recent work on pool and flow boiling has provided a mechanistic understanding of the boiling phenomena at microscale and produced enhancement structures dissipating exceptionally high heat fluxes along with very high heat transfer coefficients.

  • 23.01.2018

    Mathematics of curved liquid jets and how not to do it

    Guest talk by Yulii Shikhmurzaev (University of Birmingham)

    On January 23, 2018, professor Yulii D. Shikhmurzaev (University of Birmingham) will hold a guest talk entitled „Mathematics of curved liquid jets and how not to do it“.