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  • 2019/07/12

    Challenges of modelling the moving contact line problem and recent progress: bridging scales from the nano- to the macroscale

    Talk by Serafim Kalliadasis (Imperial College London)

    The moving contact line problem occurs when modelling one fluid replacing another as it moves along a solid surface, a situation widespread throughout industry and nature. On July 12th, 2019, Serafim Kalliadasis (Imperial College London) will hold a talk on the challenges of modelling the moving contact line and will present a new multiscale model. Mathis Fricke (CRC 1194, project B01) will hold a CRC talk entitled „Numerical Simulation of the Breakup Dynamics of Capillary Bridges on Structured Surfaces“.

  • 2019/06/03

    OpenFOAM workshop with Gregor Cvijetić (University of Zagreb)

    Introduction to DG-FOAM toolbox and practical exercises

    Update: Gregor Cvijetić will hold an OpenFOAM workshop in September 2019. Date and further details to be announced. The workshop will include basic introductions to C++, foam-extend and DG. Special focus will be on the DG-FOAM toolbox.

  • 2019/06/28

    Functional surfaces with special wettability: Design and applications

    Talk by Pavel Levkin (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

    On June 28, 2019, Dr. Pavel Levkin who heads the Biofunctional Materials research group at KIT will give an overview of the work on porous polymers with controlled surface topography and wettability and will present the group's developments in the field of bioinspired surfaces and materials possessing special wettabilities.

  • 2019/05/20

    Multiphase thermal energy technologies at the extremes: Underlying transport phenomena to full-system engineering

    Talk by Alexander S. Rattner (Penn State University)

    We are delighted that Alexander Rattner (Penn State University) will be presenting a guest lecture entitled „Multiphase thermal energy technologies at the extremes: Underlying transport phenomena to full-system engineering“ on Monday, 20th May.

  • 2019/05/10

    One-step-further research in thermo-fluids science and interfaces

    Talk by An-Bang Wang (National Taiwan University)

    On May 10 2019, An-Bang Wang (National Taiwan University, NTU) will give a talk entitled „One-step-further research into thermo-fluids science and interfaces – linking the 'modern' technology and applications with the 'traditional' mechanics.“

  • 2019/03/29

    Droplets and bubbles with phase transitions

    Talk by Detlef Lohse (University of Twente)

    On March 29, 2019 our guest Detlef Lohse (University of Twente) will describe and explain several simple experiments in which phase transitions in and around single droplets and bubbles play an important role.

  • 2019/03/25

    Atomic force microscopy investigation of the mechanical properties of nanomenisci

    Guest talk by Thierry Ondarçuhu, Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT)

    On March 25, 2019, Thierry Ondarçuhu (IMFT) will hold a guest lecture on AFM investigation of the mechanical properties of nanomenisci. Since January 2018 Thierry Ondarçuhu is research director at IMFT's Interfaces Group.

  • 2019/03/14

    Contact effects in liquid/liquid flows

    Guest talk by Ellen Longmire (University of Minnesota)

    On March 14, 2019, Ellen Longmire will hold a guest talk entitled “Contact effects in liquid/liquid flows”. The event will include global themes of careers and career paths in science and research, especially (but not exclusively) for women.

  • 2019/02/08

    Instability of advancing contact lines and liquid film breakup in rivulets

    Numerical approach with OpenFoam integral film model and VOF

    On 8 February 2019 Anne Gosset (University of A Coruña) will hold a guest talk on the modeling of dewetting phenomena in liquid films subject to body or shear forces, resulting in a fingering of the contact line and subsequent formation of rivulets. These rivulets can affect the performance of systems such as anti-icing of aircraft.

  • 2018/12/13

    Karrierewege – Ingenieurinnen berichten


    Diskussionsveranstaltung am 13. Dezember 2018

    Das Gleichstellungsbüro der TU Darmstadt lädt alle Interessierten herzlich dazu ein, sich über Chancen und Wege in Wissenschaft und Industrie zu informieren und sich mit promovierten Ingenieurinnen über persönliche Erfahrungen auszutauschen. Um Anmeldungen bis zum 01. Dezember 2018 wird gebeten.

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