Molecular dynamics for wetting: a review

Talk by Joël De Coninck (Université de Mons)


During the annual meeting of the CRC 1194, professor Joël De Coninck held a review talk on molecular dynamics – a tool to better understand the link between microscopic aspects and macroscopic properties.

The science of wetting is expanding not only from a fundamental point of view but also for many technological applications.
Other connected domains are found today to be intimately linked to wetting, such as for example boiling, condensation, anti-icing, etc. Molecular dynamics is a tool which makes it possible to better understand the link between the microscopic aspect of interactions within a system and the macroscopic properties of the studied object. For three decades, this tool has been developed to study wetting of surfaces from both a static and dynamic point of view. Over the years, the results have accumulated and now allow us to better understand the mechanisms involved in these phenomena. In this review professor De Coninck discussed the basics of these studies as well as the underlying difficulties. The talk also presented the latest results in this area and addressed particularly interesting challenges.

Joël De Coninck heads the Laboratoire de Physique des Surfaces et Interfaces (LPSI) a multidisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Mons, Belgium. Their aim is is to understand how the interfacial characteristics of materials influence their properties and performance, both static and dynamic. Professor De Coninck will bring additional expertise to the CRC 1194 as a Mercator Fellow.

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