One-step-further research in thermo-fluids science and interfaces

Talk by An-Bang Wang (National Taiwan University)


On May 10 2019, An-Bang Wang (National Taiwan University, NTU) will give a talk entitled „One-step-further research into thermo-fluids science and interfaces – linking the 'modern' technology and applications with the 'traditional' mechanics.“

Rapid progress in the research of thermo-fluids science & interfaces has been observed in the past decades; however, there is still plenty of room to be solved. In professor Wang's talk, some of his past research experience in this field will be presented, especially for the young graduate students. The talk starts from three examples of the experimental set-up for easy and reliable measurements; i.e.:

(a) visualization of laminar vortex shedding in air (instead of liquid commonly used) with adjustable resolution of 0.003m/s;

(b) a highly repeatable and reliable test system for viscoelastic fluids, e.g., pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)

(c) a simple technique to achieve meniscus-free interface, for instance, drop impact experiments.

The second part comes to three basic but “contradictory-like” (or inconsistent in the literature) examples that some of you might have also encountered with the similar process in the research. They include

(i) the separation angle of the flow around a circular cylinder;

(ii) the drop size prediction for the simple dripping drop from different nozzles

(iii) vortex ring/large bubble induced by the drop coalescence.

At the end, a microfluidic platform developed for the life science studies, clinical diagnoses and special material production will be shortly introduced if the time is available. Examples contain gravitation-driven sequential control lab-on-a-chip for biomedical point-of-care testing, an extremely material- and time-saving Western blotting method for analytical chemistry and a microreactor system for manufacturing highly valued materials with better yield and selectivity, like quantum dots material. One-step-further research and collaboration are undergoing and welcome.

Professor An-Bang Wang heads the Advanved Thermal Science and Flow Control Lab at NTU's Institute of Applied Mechanics & Institute of Medical Device and Imaging. His current research interests include Precision Digital (Pattern) Coating Technology, Drop dynamics, Lab-on-a-chip & micro-fluidic systems, Display & Optomechatronic technology, and new measuring techniques.

Date & time:
May 10, 2019, 11:00 hrs
L2|06, Room 100