Best Poster prize at 12th OpenFOAM Workshop

12th OpenFOAM Workshop at University of Exeter, UK


Dirk Gründing was awarded the prize for the Best Poster at the 12 th OpenFOAM Workshop (July 24th-27th, 2017, University of Exeter, UK), for his poster entitled „Wetting processes with ALE interface tracking“.

Gründing (project B02) presented a method to simulate wetting processes by OpenFOAM's ALE interface tracking method. With this approach, a variety of dynamic contact angle models can be run-time selected. Numerical results are compared to an approximate analytical solution for the rise of a liquid in a capillary. Furthermore, the implementation is validated by comparison to experimental data for the reorientation of a free liquid interface in a partly filled right circular cylinder upon gravity step reduction.

Dirk Gründing, Holger Marschall, Dieter Bothe: Wetting processes with ALE interface tracking, 2017.